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Department of Accounting and Reporting

Main directions of activity:

Accounting in accordance with national regulations (standards) of public sector accounting, as well as other regulations on accounting, including using of a unified automated accounting and reporting system.

Reflection in the documents of reliable and complete information on business transactions and results of activities required for the prompt management of budgetary allocations (appropriations) and financial and material (intangible) resources.

Ensuring compliance with budget legislation when taking budgetary obligations, timely submission for registration of such obligations to the State Treasury of Ukraine, making payments in accordance with the taken budgetary obligations, reliable and full reflection of operations in accounting and reporting.

Maintaining personal accounts of employees of the Presidium apparatus of the NAES of Ukraine and compiling payroll statements.

Conducting analytical accounting of settlements with depositors.

Approval of documents related to the spending of the salary fund in accordance with the established official salaries, allowances and bonuses to employees.

Ensuring control over the availability and movement of property, use of financial, material (intangible), information and labor resources in accordance with the approved standards and estimates.

Prevention of negative phenomena in financial and economic activity, identification and mobilization of domestic economic reserves.