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Institutions of the NAES of Ukraine

Institute of Pedagogy carries out theoretical and methodical support of functioning and development of primary, basic and profile education in Ukraine.
Contacts: web: www.undip.org.ua ; e-mail: nauk_org_undip@ukr.net.

G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology carries out research on the main problems of psychological science, mental development of personality and psychological support of educational process at all its levels.
Contacts: web:www.inpsy.naps.gov.ua ; e-mail: kostiukpsyinst@ukr.net.

Ivan Ziazun Institute of Pedagogical and Adult Education researches the problems of teacher professional training and adult education.
Contacts: web:www.ipood.com.ua; e-mail: ipood2008@ukr.net.

Institute of Problems on Education carries outproblems of humanization of education, modernization of the content and technologies of family, preschool, physical, labour, moral, patriotic, ecological and aesthetic upbringing of children and students.
Contacts: web: www.ipv.org.ua ; e-mail: ipv@ipv.org.ua.

Mykola Yarmachenko Institute of Special Pedagogy and Psychology researches the problems of special pedagogy and special psychology, in particular education and upbringing of children with special educational needs, including the disabled persons.
Contacts: web: www.ispukr.org.ua; e-mail:ispukr@ukr.net.

Institute of Social and Political Psychology researches psychological patterns and trends of social life that are significant in particular for the formation and implementation of strategic directions of education development.
Contacts: web: www.ispp.org.ua ;e-mail:info@ispp.org.ua.

Institute of Higher Education carries out research on topical methodological, theoretical and practical problems of higher education development and provides expert support for integration of the national academic community into the European Higher Education Area and the European Research Area.
Contacts: web: www.ihed.org.ua; e-mail: ihed@ukr.net.

Institute for Digitalisation of Education carries out research on topical theoretical and methodological and scientific and methodical problems of development, implementation and application of software and technical means of learning as well as information and communication technologies in education.
Contacts: web: iitlt.gov.ua. e-mail: iitlt@iitlt.gov.ua.

Institute of Vocational Education and Training carries out fundamental and applied research on topical theoretical and methodical problems of pedagogy and psychology of vocational education and professional pre-higher education.
Contacts: web: www.ipto.kiev.ua; e-mail:ipto_info@ukr.net

Institute of Gifted Child is specializing in implementation of scientific and methodical maintenance of the state system of finding out, development and support of gifted children and students in Ukraine.
Contacts: web: www.iod.gov.ua ; -mail: iod@iod.gov.ua.

State Higher Educational Institution University of Educational Management carries out innovative educational activities at different levels of higher education and is a leading scientific and methodical centre in the field of postgraduate pedagogical education in Ukraine.
Contacts: web: www. umo.edu.ua ; e-mail: rector@umo.edu.ua.

Ukrainian Scientific and Methodical Centre of Applied Psychology and Social Work carries out applied research on practical psychology and social pedagogy, scientific and methodical maintenance of psychological service activity in education system of Ukraine.
Contacts: web: www.psyua.com.ua ; e-mail: UCAP@ukr.net.

V.O. SukhomlynskyiState Scientific and Pedagogical Library of Ukraine carries out research on sectoral librarianship, history of education, and combines pedagogical and educational libraries for scientific and informational support of professional information needs of Ukrainian educators, at the same time, it is the largest national library of psychological and pedagogical profile.
Contacts: web: www.dnpb.gov.ua; e-mail: dnpb@i.ua