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Department of General Secondary Education

The Department was founded in November, 1992.

The main areas of scientific research of the Department are:

  • reasoning of methodological and conceptual foundations of general secondary education;
  • creation of didactic and methodological and scientific support of educational process;
  • search for a new effective teaching and guidance systems and technologies;
  • pedagogical conditions of formation and use of learning environment;
  • creation of computer-oriented teaching systems and technologies;
  • search, training and development of gifted children and youth.

More and more researching of problems pedagogical education quality monitoring, objective evaluation of academic achievements of students.

Scientific and organizational activities are carrying out by:

  • Institute of Pedagogy (18 laboratories)
  • Institute of Information Technologies and Teaching aids
  • Institute for Gifted Child 

Academician-Secretary - Olexander Lyashenko, Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Academician of the NAES of Ukraine.

Scientific Secretary - Yuri Malyovanyi, Ph.D., Corresponding member of the NAES of Ukraine.