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Congratulations of the President of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine Vasyl Kremen on the All-Ukrainian Day of Psychologists

Dear scientists and educators!

Dear psychologists!

On April 23, the All-Ukrainian Day of Psychologists, I congratulate all of you on the professional holiday of specialists, without whom it is difficult to imagine a progressive and prosperous society today!

A psychologist is someone who studies the patterns of personality development and helps its self-realization, who prevents psychological trauma or ensures its successful overcoming; who avoids negative consequences and paves the way for healing.

The work of psychologists is indispensable now during the war. Traumatized by terrible events, children and adults, pupils and students, military and civilians, wounded and displaced, on the front lines and in the occupation - all those in need receive help from a psychologist.

The NAES of Ukraine consists of four large and significant psychological structures - the G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology, Mykola Yarmachenko Institute of Special Pedagogy and Psychology, Institute of Social and Political Psychology, Ukrainian Scientific and Methodological Centre for Practical Psychology and Social Work and all specialists of these scientific psychological centres along with mandatory scientific activities, perform the professional function of psychologists and psychotherapists, consultants and trainers as volunteers. They are in demand in the counselling centres of the SSES of Ukraine, on hotlines, in hospitals and rehabilitation centres - wherever there are problems, pain, troubles, tragedies, where urgent help is needed.

Dear psychologists, colleagues! We are proud of you, we are grateful to you, we have hope and we believe in you. May the professional holiday become not only a day of expression of admiration and gratitude, but also a moment of awareness of the significance of your activity, comprehension of experience and professional growth, as well as self-affirmation that will bring renewal and inspiration!

I wish you health, wisdom, courage and prosperity!

Glory to Ukraine!

12:37 26.04.2022