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Address of the President of the NAES of Ukraine, Academician Vasyl Kremen to the public on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the NAES of Ukraine

March 4, 2022 is a significant date in the history of national education in Ukraine. On this day in 1992, the President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk signed the Decree on the establishment of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine (APN of Ukraine) as a higher branch scientific institution.

 For 30 years in a row, in-depth and accelerated research by scientists to ensure the functioning of the national school, vocational and higher education. The Academy carried out and coordinated research on the history of Ukrainian education, pedagogy and psychology, revival and return of Ukrainian teachers and psychologists, updating their work (which is much ahead of its time), developing didactics and methods on new principles - philosophy of human-centrism, traditions of national education; intensified the study and comparison of European and world experience, the principles of civic education etc.

Current Ukrainian education has absorbed the traditions of upbringing and education from the times of Kyivan Rus, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Cossack era, the National Revival, preserving the spirit of freedom and independence, independent thinking, vision of national development and a sense of belonging to European civilization.

 The history of the Academy′s development clearly demonstrates the powerful potential of Ukrainian scientists, the ability to respond to modern challenges, to act in the fairway of civilizational development.

Now the scientists of the Academy each in his field of work and according to his profession defend the independence and sovereignty of our Ukraine, do everything possible to support the citizens of Ukraine, their defensibility, psychological health and endurance.

Congratulating the scientists of the Academy, its partners and friends, I wish you victory in the war with the Russian aggressor, further success in the development of national education, pedagogical and psychological sciences of Ukraine!

 Glory to Ukraine! Glory to its defenders!

15:46 04.03.2022