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The Appeal of the Scholars of the Institute of Higher Education of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine to the International Academia Regarding the War Unleased by the Russian Federation against Ukraine

Dear colleagues!

We support the appeal of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine: we consider unlawfuland strongly condemn the violation by the Russian Federation of Ukraine′s territorial integrity and borders. We regard as inappropriate the declarations by Russian Federation leadership regarding our state, interference into the internal affairs of Ukraine via denial of our civilizational subjectivity, and demand of abandonment of the chosen development path.

The full-fledged invasion of Russian Federation Army has brought to Ukraine bombardment, missile assaults, artillery, and street fights. The morons have seized Chornobyl Nuclear Station, killed civilians, many of whom are kids. The civic infrastructure of cities, towns and villages schools, kindergartens, maternity homes, hospitals etc. is being ruined. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are becoming refugees, running for their lives and lives of their kin. But Armed Forces of Ukraine and all Ukrainian people are giving an appropriate rebuff to the aggressor. 

In support of Ukraines fight against state terrorism of the Russian Federation, we request:

-     to deprive Russian scholars of international honorary titles and expel them from international academies;

-     to exclude Russian scholars from academic and editorial boards of international journals;

-     to prohibit the participation of Russian scholars in international scientific congresses, symposia, conferences, round tables and similar academic communication events;

-     to cancel all forms of academic cooperation with Russian scholars (starting from awarding research grants and fellowships to publication of research findings in international academic periodicals);

-     to financially support Ukrainian Army. International money transfers are possible to the official bank account of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine by following the link below, as well as accounts of time-tested trustworthy refutable charitable foundations of Ukraine:

NBU Opens Special Account to Raise Funds for Ukraines Armed Forces (bank.gov.ua);

Fund (https://savelife.in.ua/en).  

Together, we protect common European values!

We will win!

Scholars and staff of the Institute of Higher Education

National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine  

14:24 03.03.2022