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Letter from a Honorary Doctor of the NAES of Ukraine Humberto Nuno de Oliveira to the President of the NAES of Ukraine Vasyl Kremen about support for Ukraine


Humberto Nuno Lopes Mendes de Oliveira

Ph Din History

President of the Phaleristic Academy of Portugal Professor 



Rua Manuel de Agro Ferreira, 26

2825-361 Costade Caparica

hnuno.oliveira@gmail.com (93 872 83 50)


Lisbon, February 28, 2022


Esteemed Professor Vasyl Kremen

Distinguished President of the

National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine

Minister of Ukraine (ret.)


Dear Preident,

 I want to express you my support to all the NAES staff, the glorious People of Ukraine and Ukraine, all of them protecting the irnativel and from the Russian imperialist aggressors.

I am with you in this probation altimesand express my willing to cooperate on protecting Ukranian people, its history, culture and values. I hope we will meet soon in Kyiv to celebrate the victory of the Ukranian People and Nation.



Your ssincerely,

 Humberto Nuno de Oliveira

Honorary Doctor of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine



16:28 02.03.2022