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Letter from a foreign member of the NAES of Ukraine Pierre Léna to the President of the NAES of Ukraine Vasyl Kremen about support for Ukraine
Eo Professor Vasyl KREMEN

Dear President, 

I could not imagine, when replying to your kind New Year message less than two months ago, that your country would suffer such a terrible agression, as we witness since last Sunday. Without waiting for the reactions and messages that the French Academy of sciences will undoubtly send soon to you, let me tell you my brotherhood in this unbelievable but so sadly real attack to your country, your people, your capital city Kiev. I am not sure this message will reach you in the current situation*, but be sure of our wish to support you the best we can, and to contribute to the strongest possible reaction of the scientific community. 

Covid had prevented my planned trip to Kiev last year, and the reception as foreign member of NAES as well as the honoris causa degree at your National academy of sciences, but be sure that, even without these formal receptions which I would so much enjoyed, I remain ready to come to you to visit a Kiev returned to peace, the aggressors having been expulsed.  

I pray for your people with deep thoughts and hopes

Pierre Léna
Professeur émérite, 
Université Paris-Diderot & Observatoire de Paris
Membre de lAcadémie des sciences
Président dhonneur, Fondation La main à la pâte


11:11 28.02.2022