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Glory to Ukraine!
Statement of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine

We consider it criminal and strongly condemn the violation of the territorial integrity and borders of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. 

We also consider inadmissible the statements of the leadership of the Russian Federation regarding our state, interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine by denying its civilizational subjectivity and demanding the abandonment of its own path of development. 

With great gratitude and confidence in the victory we turn to the defenders of Ukraine: we are together, we are convinced of the strength and steadfastness of those who defend Democracy, Freedom and Human Values! 

Resistance is not just military resistance. The opposition of every citizen is not to succumb to provocations and panic, to prevent escalation of tensions, to refute fakes, to maintain clarity of thinking. 

A patriot is someone who invests in the development of the country and preserves its defense capabilities in a way accessible to him. For representatives of pedagogical and psychological sciences - is to maintain the national identity and unity of the nation at the level of consciousness of every citizen, territorial community, society. This is the strengthening of the subjectivity of every citizen through his awareness of Ukrainian history from the times of Kyivan Rus, Ukrainian mentality of freedom from the Cossack era, the spirit of Ukrainian democracy from the Constitution of Philip Orlyk, invincibility of the Ukrainian army from the victories of Peter Konashevich-Sagaidachny and Bohdan Khmelnytsky,      exercise of self-awareness HrygoryScovoroda and Taras Shevchenko. 

Scientists of the National Academy of Edbcational Sciences of Ukraine, as always, are ready for a dialogue with anyone who finds himself in difficult life circumstances, in situations of confusion or uncertainty, who needs advice or psychological help. 

We all have hard work ahead of us every day. But our goal is common and high - to preserve the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. To this end, we have worked for Ukraine′s independence, we have also worked for the development of our state for the last 30 years, for this we are mobilizing for further struggle! 

We will win! Glory to Ukraine!

13:41 24.02.2022