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The NAES of Ukraine scientists published The National report on the state and prospects of education in Ukraine

By the 30th anniversary of Ukraine′s independence, scientists of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine have created a scientific analytical and prognostic work National Report on the State and Prospects of Education in Ukraine.

The publication provides a comprehensive analysis of the state and development of national education during the 30-year period of Ukraine′s independence, identifies current problems in education, the causes, offers scientifically sound ways to modernize national education in globalization, European integration, innovation and national self-identification.

The monograph is of interest to legislators, government officials, heads of educational institutions, pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical workers, the general public, as well as all those who seek the competitiveness of Ukrainian education in the context of civilization.

The monograph can be found at the link of the Electronic Library of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine



13:29 01.09.2021