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Methodological seminar of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine: remote online mode

Methodological seminar of the National Academy of al Sciences of Ukraine on the topic: "Ways and mechanisms to increase the competitiveness of Ukrainian universities" will be held on November 19, 2020. Starts at 9:30.

Given the epidemiological situation caused by COVID-19, the Methodological seminar will be held remotely online.

Registration of seminar participants at the link https://bbb.uem.edu.ua/b/umo-jda-mwb-wjk (copy and paste into the address bar window).

Link to connect to the seminar: https://bbb.uem.edu.ua/b/umo-jda-mwb-wjk

The methodological seminar starts at 9:30, registration - from 9:00-9:25.

The sections will start working at 3 p.m.

SECTION 1. Areas of work: 1. Ensuring and improving the competitive quality of higher education. 2. Autonomy of universities in terms of differentiation of funding sources. 5. Internationalization of higher education. Link to connect to the section: https://bbb.uem.edu.ua/b/tr7-rck-nwi-inr

SECTION 2. Areas of work: 4. Digital transformation of universities. 3. Innovation infrastructure and research networks. Link to connect to the section: https://bbb.uem.edu.ua/b/ca3-lcv-tx6-aqi

13:45 18.11.2020