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Restructuring school is impossible without reviewing educational standards and programs

"We have to move towards the creation of a modern educational content", - said the President of the NAES of Ukraine, academician Vasyl Kremen during the presentation of the thematic scientific and analytical report, which took place at the National Academy of  Educational Sciences.
The Report On the content of General secondary education" has been prepared by a number of academic institutions (in particular, the Institute of Pedagogy, the H.S. Kostyuk Institute of Psychology, the Institute of Problems of Education.  Experts of the NAES of Ukraine made psycho-pedagogical analysis of the content of education, as defined in the state educational standards into force, detailed in the curriculum and implemented in the secondary school textbooks.

It is still the principle of "learned and forgot. Instead of forcing children to relay mechanically a certain amount of knowledge, experts of the NAES offer a wider use of the competence-based approach to the educational process. This means that a student has first to learn to apply the acquired skills - first in performing tasks at the lesson, and then outside of school, in everyday life. This principle should be the basis of new educational standards, curricula and textbooks.

11:23 05.03.2015