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Ukrainian subjectivity vs the dictatorship of the Russian Federation


Volodymyr Ilin,

Professor, TarasShevchenkoNationalUniversityof Kyiv,

Doctor of Sciences in Philosophy

Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine

Mistakes are not so terrible as the consequences that come from them, - said the Ukrainian physicist Lev Landau. And mistakes, as socio-historical experience shows, are the result of uncritical, dogmatic thinking, focused on the rudiments of the past, devoid of creativity and innovation of life. It is in such thinking, generated in the depths of distorted consciousness, there are misconceptions about the real world, there are utopias and chimeras. Among them is the crazy idea that war can be a way to solve international, socio-economic and political problems.

This type of idiotic thinking was demonstrated by the head of the Russian Federation, a pupil of the infamous KGB structure, Vladimir Putin. After all, how else to explain his decision to start a war against a peaceful, poetic, beautiful in his songs and nature, Ukraine? And, in fact, against the whole world.

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22:53 22.03.2022