According to the results of the voting Bykov Valerii Yukhymovych was elected
On November, 17, 2017
Seminar to be held on March 30, 2017 at V. O. Sukhomlinskyi State Scientific and Pedagogical Library of Ukraine
The Seminar will be held on May 17, 2017 at the Kyiv City teacher′s house
Will be held on 30 - 31 March 2017 on the basis of M. P. Dragomanov National Pedagogical University.
6 8 October, 2016 in Zaporizhzhia region the International Days of Adult Education will be held
The General meeting of the NAES of Ukraine on March 25, 2016 approved the Development Strategy of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine for the years 2016 2022

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There is no more acute question in Ukraine than the resistance of Russian aggression and restoration of the territorial integrity of our state. Unfortunately, international events are now developing adversely for us. Apparently, except for diplomatic solutions to the problem of the territorial integrity, there is a need to strengthen the social consolidation of the Ukrainian people. In response to the challenge of time we must learn to think globally and act locally on the basis of national interests of Ukraine.... >>
17:21 28.03.2017
In the framework of the EU project under the umbrella of the TEMPUS program Ecological education in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine the Director of the Institute of Vocational Education, Dr., Prof., the correspondent member of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, Valentyna Radkevych and, the junior researcher of the laboratory of foreign VET systems, Snizhana Leu took part in the training course in Germany from the 1st to the 5th of February, 2016. The training course was dedicated to the issues of didactical aspects of the distance courses design and implementation to develop the ecological competence for pedagogical staff of professional schools.... >>
15:19 10.02.2016
On March 12, 2015 at the meeting of the Presidium of the NAES of Ukraine there was examined the activities of the H.S. Kostyuk Institute of Psychology of the NAES of Ukraine concerning the psychotherapeutic assistance to the military personnel and civilians who have suffered psychological trauma in the ATO. ... >>
12:10 17.03.2015
The article "Why we are poor, if educated?" (DT.UA No. 6, 2015) was about the need of significant changes in the Ukrainian education to prepare a man for life and work in new 
civilizational terms of the XXI century. Among these changes, of course, important are changes in the content of education, particularly general secondary education. 

By this call not only numerous complaints and criticisms from parents, teachers and, the most importantly, students, but also impartial, objective and comprehensive analysis of educational documents and educational and methodical support of educational process. 
... >>
14:09 15.03.2015
The National Academy of Educational of Ukraine made a detailed analysis of current state standards, curricula and textbooks for general secondary school. The obtained results serve as a basis for research and analytical report On the content of general secondary education".
One of the authors of the document - Director of the Institute of Pedagogy of NAES of Ukraine Oleg Topuzov said: after reviewing the report, teachers and facilitators will understand what kind of steps are needed to improve the educational curricula and substantial component items.
... >>
17:01 11.03.2015

"We have to move towards the creation of a modern educational content", - said the President of the NAES of Ukraine, academician Vasyl Kremen during the presentation of the thematic scientific and analytical report, which took place at the National Academy of Educational Sciences.
The Report On the content of General secondary education" has been prepared by a number of academic institutions (in particular, the Institute of Pedagogy, the H.S. Kostyuk Institute of Psychology, the Institute of Problems of Education. Experts of the NAES of Ukraine made psycho-pedagogical analysis of the content of education, as defined in the state educational standards into force, detailed in the curriculum and implemented in the secondary school textbooks.

... >>
11:23 05.03.2015
Our congratulations on the 70th birthday of dear academician of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, Laureate of State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Valery Bykov.... >>
14:35 25.02.2015
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