Seminar for teaching staff was conducted under the Erasmus+

On June 12-13, 2018 . at Ivan Franko Lviv national university the 6th seminar for teaching staff was conducted under the Erasmus+ project Improving teacher education for applied learning in the field of vocational education (2016-2018) (ITE-VET) 574124-EPP-1-2016-1-DE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP. The Institute of VET of NAES of Ukraine was represented by the director, Dr., Prof., Academician, Mrs Valentyna Radkevych, deputy director on science, Dr., Prof., Mrs. Hanna Romanova, academic secretary, Dr., associated Prof., Mrs. Liudmyla Bazyl, senior researcher of the Laboratory on professional life issues, Dr., Prof., Mr. Valeriy Orlov, head of the Laboratory of foreign VET systems, PhD, associated Prof., Mrs Oleksandra Borodiyenko.

Thefollowing issues were represented at the seminar. They are the transfer‐oriented teachingandusingportfoliosforprofessionalizationthroughreflectivethinking (associated Prof. Liane Platz from Uni Konstanz, Germany), student advisory service at the University of Konstanz ‐ possibilities and limitations (Roswitha Burkhart from Uni Konstanz, Germany), vocational qualification for an independent living of people with disabilities: the Swiss case (Armin Platz from Special Vocational School, Switzerland), education and disability in Spain: the role of VET and Transitions from education into work for people with disabilities in Spain: qualification provided by the social economy (Fernando Marhuenda from Uni Valencia, Spain).

12:06 20.06.2018

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